Project 500: Going Global

More than 95 percent of global consumers and 80 percent of global purchasing power reside outside the United States, and these consumers want to buy American goods and services.



Due to the economic potential for wealth and job creation, Project 500 seeks to support its members in identifying global markets where they can scale their businesses. American exports of goods and services fuel the U.S. economy. They contribute to higher rates of productivity, innovation, and wages that support business retention and expansion in American communities. Americans who work for firms that export earn up to 18 percent more on average than similar workers at firms that do not export.

For the past three months we have been working with key private and public organizations with experience in international trade to develop a global training program for Project 500 members. Over the next few months we will identify potential markets, certify our mission and select member companies to travel abroad. In advance of travel we will host a series of Trade Readiness Workshops which will be open to all but required to be considered for international travel. With financial support from JP Morgan Chase, we look forward to engaging Project 500 members who are interested and ready to consider scaling their business through global expansion.


Getting Export Ready

You may have always dreamed of exporting your products and services one day once you achieved customer traction. You may already be responding to incoming international orders but want to become a more proactive exporter. Whatever your level of export experience, our goal is to help your company get ready to export or expand into new markets.

As thousands of businesses can already attest, successful exporting requires a broad consensus and long-term commitment among key management on company goals, objectives, capabilities, and constraints, as well as time and money.

Export-ready companies possess certain qualities that increase the likelihood that their exporting efforts will be successful: 

  • Have commitment from ownership and are prepared to fund exporting activities.
  • Understand the added demands international business can place on key resources.
  • Have realistic expectations regarding return on investments from international activities.
  • Are prepared to modify products and services by market as well as provide training and after-sales service.
  • Have an awareness of U.S. government export promotion and compliance resources. 

To become acquainted with the process and opportunities, please view the “Get Ready to Export” video series developed by the U.S. Government.


Be Considered for Travel

If you are interested in participating in the Trade Readiness Workshops and/or being considered for international travel, please complete (click here) a pre-assessment survey. We will be in touch once the workshops have been scheduled to initiate the training process.

Never in the history of the world has the entrepreneurial spirit-the spirit of adventure-been more alive or in a more favorable position to reach out to the world for business. International trade increases sales and profits, enhances a company’s prestige, creates jobs, and offers a valuable way for business owners to level seasonal fluctuations.
— Laurel Delaney, Guest Write on