Project 500™ is a business development program whose mission is to accelerate new majority entrepreneurs from high potential to high growth. Our goal is to recruit and retain at least 500 diverse businesses to receive skills training, capacity building, mentoring and networking to advance the economic success of their businesses and their communities.

We are creating a radically inclusive community whose members are bound by the goal of business scale and success. We have a collective destiny to proactively create wealth (personal and business) for our members to support sustainable community development and economic prosperity. We operate with a strong sense of immediacy and celebrate regularly as an individual member’s success is a community success.

We invite you to become a member of Project 500, where you will meet peer entrepreneurs, have access to our newsletter and events, as well as participate in our skill building programs. Please register to learn more about membership and business opportunities in our network. 

Our goals are to:

• Provide entrepreneurs with training and support, with a laser focus on business and financial capacity

• Work with local city officials and agency leaders to eradicate policy barriers that exacerbate the gap between start up and growth stages; a place where many businesses cease to exist

• Provide catalytic capital for select entrepreneurs as well as convene local bankers and investors to develop new capital products to meet the needs of our participants