Meet Project 500 Entrepreneurs

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Marcus Williams

Mr. Marcus A. Williams is the Principal Consultant/Founder/Owner of MW Consulting, LLC (MWC). MWC was established in Ward 7 of Washington, D.C. as a full-service boutique consulting firm that assists small business, nonprofits, corporations and government agencies with achieving communications and marketing goals and objectives. MWC supports clients in the areas of creative services, digital strategy, media relations, public relations and strategic planning. For more information on the firm, visit,


kizzy dogan

CEO of T&G Commercial Cleaning, LLC for the past 9 nine years. Our mission is to provide "world class" service to our respective clients. Our company offers facility maintenance to a broad platform of clients across a multitude of industries. Over the years, T&G have developed a reputation of excellence and quality workmanship. Our employees are highly trained, professional, courteous, and understand the importance of customer satisfaction. 

Other companies may offer similar services, but our services exceed their common effort with a touch of class and matchless performance. It is our
custom to always be responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our clients. T&G is a company that believes in 100% satisfaction for every client. For more information on the company, please visit

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michael smith

Smith & Sons, LLC is a general General Contractor | Washington D.C. | Alexandria VA contractor that specializes in Division 2 (Site Utility) and Division 22 (Plumbing) work. Founded in 1984, Smith & Sons has been performing maintenance services for many of its agencies for the past two decades. Smith & Sons LLC provides services to government, commercial and residential clients. 

Recently Smith and Sons, LLC entered the energy market with e-Hub. The eHub portable solar generator is designed to provide power for off-grid mobile power needs and eliminates the need for diesel-powered generators. The portable system comes with an integrated solar panel that charges the energy storage system included, which can also be plugged to a wall outlet for charging.

For more information on Smith and Sons, LLC, please visit